Business owners now have access to a MyCredits widget that can be embedded on their website. In this article, we will outline how to use the widget, how to install it on your website or landing pages, and best practices for the widget.

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Why Should You Use This Widget?

The MyCredits widget makes it easy for customers to engage with different offers and deals that you are running for your business because it’s embedded right on your website. This means when customers visit your website, they will see a little button hovering on the bottom corner of your website that says “Rewards.”

When they click this icon, it will prompt new users to sign up for your rewards program, and will prompt existing users to login.

Once customers are logged into your rewards program, they can click on different offers to earn rewards with your business.

If you run a shopify business, you can also setup coupon rewards for your customers based on how many credits they’ve earned. This coupon feature is only available to shopify owners who are using shopify as a payment system. This will not work if you are using stripe.

How Can Customers Earn Credits Using the MyCredits Widget

Here are a few new ways customers can earn credits:

  • Liking your Facebook Page
  • Liking Your Instagram Page
  • Sharing Your Facebook Page With Friends
  • Downloading the MyCredits Extension
  • Downloading the MyCredits Mobile App
  • Engaging with Video Content
  • Signing up to a newsletter

When setting up new ways for your customers to earn rewards, you simply add the link / URL for customers to visit to take this action. For example, if you want them to like your Facebook page, simply link them directly to your Facebook page. When a customer clicks the link, it will take them to your page and reward them for taking that action. Once returning to the widget, the customer will see this offer crossed out so that it can only be used once.

How Does The MyCredits Widget Work With Social Offers / Videos

When customers click to engage with video content, they will be rewarded based on the length of the video. The amount of credits they earn is based on the length of the video.

How Can You Install The MyCredits Widget

We recommend watching the video we’ve added to this page so you can see the step by step walkthrough of how to setup the MyCredits widget, but we’ve also outlined the steps below.

When installing the MyCredits widget on your website, you will need to grab the script of code from your dashboard and paste this right before the end of the </body> tag. Additionally, you can also put this snippet of code in the footer section of your website.

On shopify, you will go to theme > edit code > theme.liquid > then paste the code right before the end of the body tag.

If you are on wordpress or a landing page software, just grab the snippet and paste it into the footer.

As a quick tip, there is a plugin for wordpress websites (and for shopify) called “Insert Headers and Footers” which makes it very easy to install snippets of code like this into the header or footer of your website. Use these plugins at your own discretion, but we’ve never had any issues using these before.

Click here to login and setup your MyCredits widget now!

You can view the video overview here.


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