A lot has been going on behind the scenes at MyCredits, and we wanted to take a moment to outline some of the new features and updates we’ve added to the platform.

1) The Top 10 Leaderboard is Back…Rewarding your BEST customers!

Now you can reward your top 10 customers each month from your pool. You get to choose how your pool is split between these top 10 participants by going to “company settings” then selecting “pool rewards.”

Your customers will see this in their dashboard so they know where they rank each month. This new ranking system will incentivize your customers to take more action with your business!

Make sure you login to your account now to setup your pool rewards.

2) Setup your SMTP to send campaigns in MyCredits

By connecting your mailing system to MyCredits, you can unlock the full potential to send out blast email campaigns to your users with each new offer you add to your rewards program.

You can find the SMTP settings inside “company settings” in the top right dropdown.

3) Get Your Customers Active

Grab your referral link from your MyCredits dashboard and start pushing your network to sign up for your rewards program. By only providing certain content inside of MyCredits, this will help incentivize your customers to sign up and start engaging with your content on MyCredits.

Here’s an idea: Create an email to your list with a special offer they can only get through MyCredits, then send them directly to your MyCredits sign up page using your referral link. Once they sign up, they can redeem your offer from inside their MyCredits dashboard. Create a nice visual thumbnail to put inside your email that goes along with your offer.

4) Youtube Channel Training

You can visit our youtube channel to learn more about how to use MyCredits for your business. 

Visit our Youtube Channel

5) Rewarding Customers for Taking Specialized Actions

Now with our Beta Zapier integration, you can reward your customers for taking all types of different actions, such as signing up for an email list or even booking a call with your company. As long as Zapier connects to an app, you have the possibility of rewarding your customers for taking special actions.

You can see how to set this up by watching this video. If you haven’t setup the Zapier integration yet, watch this video first to get the proper link you need.


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