The key is to create great video content that is quick and to the point.

Yes, there are ways to capture people with humor…
Which is awesome for brand awareness and for the long game…

But I am focused on short video content that is straight to the point!
You have 3 seconds to get their attention
Then 10 seconds to hook them in
Then 30 seconds to get them to believe in the solution
Then 30 seconds to offer
And 15 seconds to close
That is it!

How are you going to put together your winning ad with that time?

Watch the video above to learn how!

The first ad you create will bomb…
The second ad you create will bomb…

But eventually you will create enough ads and one will catch fire!
Find your fire and get to work on creating your video ads!

Video is the best way to explain your product or service…
If you are not using video in your marketing, you are missing out!


Founder of MyCredits

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