Getting Started With MyCredits – How to Earn Credits

New to MyCredits? Watch this video and learn how you can earn rewards by engaging with a companies content.

In order to track your engagement on a desktop, make sure you download the browser extension as shown in the video and make sure you are logged in to the extension too!

If you are on a mobile device, you MUST be using the application in order to track your brand engagement.


How To Earn Credits
Each month, by engaging with a companies content, you will earn credits. You can earn credits by engaging with product offers or social offers. This can include purchasing products, signing up for email lists, engaging with video content and the list goes on.

There are tons of different ways you can earn credits. This is all determined by the specific rewards program you are signed up to and each company may have different ways you can earn credits.

Redeeming Your Rewards
In order redeem your credits for cash back rewards, you need to connect your PayPal account. If you don’t connect a PayPal account, you are not eligible to earn cash back for the credits you’ve earned. If you earn credits without connecting a PayPal, these credits won’t disappear, but you won’t be able

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