As time goes on, people’s attention spans get shorter.

For that reason… we will get straight to the point!

Listen, there are more competitors coming online daily.
We have data that shows that more than 20k stores are coming online each week.
These new Shopify stores could be competing with you.

How are you going to continue gaining market share?

Along with the data on new stores, we have access to data on what the top stores are doing to increase revenue.

Our team has analyzed over 1,000,000 Shopify stores, and here is the breakdown of what the top 1% of best performing stores are doing to increase their revenue.

Tips to increase Shopify Store revenue in 2020

  1. Fast loading theme
    – More than 80% of stores on Shopify are using a theme that you can get from the Shopify store.
    – 30 of the top 1000 most successful stores are using Shopify store themes
    – Debut theme has 37% of all installs
    – Minimal theme has 12% of all installs
    – Brooklyn theme has 11% of all installs
    – 150 of the top 1000 most successful stores have custom built themes
    – A few of the top ranked 3rd party themes
    Troop Themes
    Out of the Sandbox
    Pixel Union

    Here are detailed steps on how to increase load speed

    Also, we are pros at this, so if you need help, message us!
  2. Top 3 apps to install on your Shopify Store
    – An upsell plugin
    We really like the Zipify Upsell plugin as we have had success with clients
    – Review plugin
    A great plugin for reviews is
    – Loyalty Rewards Plugin is a must-install for your Shopify store 🙂
    We have been developing our technology with world-class senior developers for the past 2 years. And our application is proving increased social media engagement and return customers!
    Sign up for free to get started at
  3. Klaviyo for Email
    The best usage for Klaviyo is the abandon cart and other automated email sequences that can fire upon a goal achieved in your store.
    We have found that using Klaviyo + MyCredits has been a game-changer for our clients.
  4. Google Shopping Ads
    Here is a complete guide to setting up Google Shopping Ads
    This might take some time to get all your skus setup, but these have been the highest ROAS (return on ads spend) ads that we have ran for clients.

    Also, we are pros at this, so if you need help, message us!
  5. Facebook Dynamic Ads
    Our second highest ROAS (return on ads spend) campaigns are on Facebook through the Dynamic Product Ads.
    Here is a complete break down on setting up these ads in Facebook.

The key is to keep your site loading fast, as stores have been able to 2x their revenue with that alone!

Then install an upsell plugin, which we have seen stores add 35% to 75% revenues using 1-click upsells after the initial first purchase.

Adding reviews to your pages will increase the conversion rate on each product page, and loyalty rewards and email marketing will bring back more sales for your site.

Once you can get your sales machine working, then it is time to crank up your advertising efforts.

Find which ad types drive the highest ROAS for your store, and increase their budgets as far as possible without hurting your return on ads spend (ROAS).


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